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Advocacy, Social and Behaviour Change Communication

Including psychosocial support within national teacher training curricular enhances not only the teachers’ capacity to work with children, but their psychosocial and mental wellbeing as well.

Mainstreaming psychosocial support into education policies and programs facilitates long term sustainable provision of quality care and support to children within school and learning environment

Invest in the Teachers Diploma in Psychosocial Care, Support & Protection. Help teachers promote children’s psychosocial and mental wellbeing
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Psychosocial support is integrated into social services, health and education programmes and services and reaches approximately two million children and young people annually
  • Identifying gaps in OVCY policy and practice and implementing a plan to address such gaps
  • Engaging with SADC/EAC/ACERWC to include psychosocial support in children, youth and HIV plans, and M&E frameworks
  • Generating, documenting and sharing an economic case for psychosocial and wellbeing through local, national and regional platforms, including media.
  • Strengthening partnerships for social behavior change communication for improved psychosocial and mental wellbeing
  • REPSSI Thought Leader Group contributes to the Lancet Commission Report on the state of psychosocial wellbeing and mental health in Africa and to psychosocial support publications, making the case for psychosocial support as a critical enabler for sustainable development

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