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PSS Capacity Building
Capacity of government and non-government partners to implement specific programmes increased, based on context of each country

Psychosocial Support (PSS) mainstreaming is a deliberate prioritization of psychosocial care and support throughout an organization’s courses of action. These include planned policies, programmes and service delivery modalities as it pertains implementation and access by the target group. For REPSSI, PSS mainstreaming is implemented and assessed at four key levels outlined below:
REPSSI Mainstreaming Model
The REPSSI Mainstreaming Model is a fundamental tool for strengthening psychosocial and mental wellbeing for girls, boys, youth and families within East and Southern Africa.

With this model, REPSSI has achieved significant success harnessing regional and national political commitment, which resulted in changes in national policies, the development of policy frameworks and tools and extensive investment in PSS training for the social services workforce.

Leveraging on its practice successes and new knowledge, REPSSI will maintain the gains made in the previous 10 years and intensify its focus on the Implementation and Community, Family, Children, Youth spheres of its mainstreaming model.

What Does REPSSI Do To Help?

Our assistance includes providing easy-to-use and culturally appropriate tools, and sharing innovative approaches. We train partners to provide social and emotional services to children and their communities, and we produce activities and tools that can be used with children, youth, communities and families.

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