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Country Office Overview Activities
REPSSI is registered as Non-Profit Organization N.05/2014 leafs. 3 Book B by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Government Gazette N.0201 Series III, October 2015. Angola has a Country Representative and a Country Facilitators Team comprising of 11 trainers. For most activities REPSSI Angola gets support from the Regional Team.

Highlights of issues affecting children in Angola
Although the country has political stability, violence among families is still an issue. According to Ministry of Family and Women Promotion (MINFAMU) that coordinates the Executive Plan to Combat Domestic Violence, a total of 42,437 cases were reported in 2016. Child abandonment and the issue of men refusing paternity attributes to the high figures. There has been some progress in law enforcement but there is still a gap in psychosocial response. It is against this background that REPSSI approached INAC and MINFAMU to respond to the need for psychosocial support. The partnership began with training of 25 professionals in Luanda, including Family Counsellors.

Number of children and adults reached by the country in 2016
More than 400 professionals were trained at different levels reaching 54,296 children by 2016.

Policy and frameworks supporting children
The 11 Commitments with all children launched in 2004; Law 25/12 of August 22 – Protection and Integral Development of Child; Law 25/11 of July 14 – Law against Domestic Violence; Presidential Decree 26/13 of May – Executive Plan to Combat Domestic Violence