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Country Office Overview Activities Partners

REPSSI in Lesotho has a part time consultant. We work through partners for all REPSSI activities in the counrty.

REPSSI Lesotho’s main activities include the Community Based Work with Children and Youth (CBWCY) certificate programme and The Teachers’ Diploma in Psychosocial Care Support and Protection. Both programmes are offered through situated and supported distance learning. We offer other short term training in Psychosocial Support to partners and organisations around the country. We also provide training resources to partners for their training.

REPSSI Lesotho participates in activities that focus on child protection and children’s wellbeing in the country. This includes activities such as the National OVC Coordinating Committee (NOCC), the CSO Working Team and Letsema network of community based organizations working with children`s issues in Lesotho.