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Issues Affecting Children in Malawi
The situation of children in Malawi continues to be dire as evidenced by the following challenges which require urgent attention
  1. Poverty
  2. Violence against children
  3. Child marriages
  4. HIV and AIDS
  5. Inadequate school infrastructure and materials
  6. Child labour
  7. Teenage pregnancy
  8. Alcohol and drugs abuse
  9. Juvenile delinquency
  10. Social media
  11. Sex and sexuality

Instruments (Acts, Frameworks, guidelines) for Children in Malawi
Malawi has got some legal and policy frameworks in place to address the situation of children. Some of these are
  1. The Child Care, Protection and Justice Act (2010)
  2. Trafficking in Persons Act (2015)
  3. Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act (2015)
  4. Gender Equality Act (2013)
  5. National Education Policy
  6. Health Policy
  7. Education Policy
  8. HIV and AIDS Policy
  9. National Plan of Action for Vulnerable Children
  10. The National Policy on Early Childhood Development

REPSSI and Partners PSS Programming in Malawi

REPSSI in Malawi is currently advocating to end child marriage

Capacity building
Engaged in the Community Based Work with Children and Youth (CBWCY) programme in collaboration with Magomero College; enhancing the capacity of MAGGA to implement a programme on ending child marriage through extra curricula clubs in primary schools in Mangochi, Dedza, Salima and Mchinji; the MGCDSW uses the Journey of Life (JoL) series in the Case Management approach in Malawi

Success stories/Most Significant change stories
MAGGA’s capacity enhancement by REPSSI has enabled the organisation to secure funding for its programmes and expand its donor base; the MGCDSW uses the Journey of Life series for community mobilisation in the Case management approach.

Country programme documents
The Review of the JoL Community Awareness and Mobilization Tool in Achieving Child Protection Results in Malawi

In-country HR capacity
Country Facilitators 6
Mentors 9
Mentors Coordinator 1
Country Representative 1
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Board of Malawi NGO/L/14/038
Council for NGOs in Malawi (CONGOMA) C820/2014
Mrs Hyacith Kulemeka Country Advisory Board Chairperson
Mr Gauton Kainja Country Advisory Board Vice Chairperson
Mr Humphrey Sibande Country Advisory Board Treasurer
Dr Dorothy Namate Country Advisory Board Member
Mr. John Makina Country Advisory Board Member
Dr Anderson Kamwendo Country Advisory Board Member
Mrs Noreen Huni REPSSI CEO/REPSSI Board Member
Mr George Alufandika Country Representative – ex-officio