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Country Overview
Zambia is a landlocked country in the center of southern Africa. It has a total area of 752 618 square kilometers of which 9 220 km² are water. Zambia shares several of its key geographical features with neighboring Zimbabwe—the Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, and a stretch of the Zambezi River. It also borders the southern tip of Lake Tanganyika and Tanzania, as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, and Malawi. Its population, much of it urban, is estimated at about 17.5 million with 46% being young people under 15 years old.

Highlights of issues affecting children
  1. Child Marriage
  2. High school dropout rates
  3. Alcohol and substance abuse
  4. Disease burden – HIV, Malaria, STI’s
  5. Loss of primary caregivers/orphanhood
  6. Underage patronage of bars
  7. Child labour
  8. Limited access to adolescence sexual and reproductive health services
  9. Child/grandparents headed households
  10. Limited access to social protection by vulnerable children and youth
  11. Limited access to food and nutrition by vulnerable children, youth and their households

Number of children reached by the country in 2016

Male Female Total
Adults 122,451 133,662 256,113

Policy and frameworks supporting children
  1. National Education policy
  2. National Health Policy
  3. National Child policy
  4. Re-entry policy
  5. National Child labour policy

Statutes on Children
  1. Adoption Act, Chapter 54 of the laws of Zambia
  2. Affiliation and maintenance of children’s Act, Chapter 64 of the Laws of Zambia
  3. Birth and death registration Act Chapter 51 of the Laws of Zambia
  4. The employment of young persons and children’s Act, 2010
  5. The intestate Succession Act, Chapter 53 of the Laws of Zambia
  6. The legitimacy Act, Chapter 52 of the Laws of Zambia
  7. Matrimonial causes Act No. 20 of 2007
  8. Wills and Administration of Testate Estate Chapter 60 of the Laws of Zambia
In-country HR capacity
Country Director 1
Program Officer 1
Resource Mobilisation officer 1
Senior Finance and Admin Officer 1
Finance and Admin Officer 1
Programme Assistant – Social Services Strengthening 1
Programme Assistant – Programme implementation 1
Logistics and Operations Assistant 1
Administrative Assistant 1