Report Corruption
Her Excellency The First Lady of Namibia with REPSSI at the 5th Regional PSS Forum.
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REPSSI - Report Corruption
REPSSI has a zero-tolerance policy against corruption practices. Examples of corruption include the following
  > bribery
  > embezzlement and fraud
  > nepotism
  > property destruction
  > negligence
  > falsifying information
  > extortion
  > ...
Who can report?
Anyone can report any corrupt activities that have taken place or are taking place or about to take place
How to report?
Any corrupt activities can be reported through any of the following means and channels
Through this website page by submitting a report and attaching any evidence
Calling the REPSSI offices +27 11 886 1581
Visiting the REPSSI offices:

266 West Ave, Unit 2, Waterfront Office Park, Randburg, South Africa
Via Email to to the CEO:
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