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Psychosocial Support Basics - for improved program outcomes

The PSS Forum

REPSSI and our partners host a bi-annual Psychosocial Support forum to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of psychosocial support (PSS) and to share knowledge on approaches, research, practice and policy that impact on the provision of PSS to children and youth

Wanna learn more?

The PSS Forum Programme

A rich array of different methods: panel discussions; plenary sessions; abstract driven and non-abstract driven breakaway sessions and skills building sessions

Forum participants

All sharing their scientific and practical experiences, the participants include:

  • Regional economic blocks
  • National governments
  • Civil society
  • Academia
  • International cooperating partners
  • Community caregivers and youths

The Children’s Pre-forum

The children’s pre-forum brings together children and youth from East and Southern Africa, to share knowledge, information, skills and experiences on issues which hinder or enhance their psychosocial and mental wellbeing.

Previous Forums

PSS Forum 2019
Child help seeking coping
Abstract Sum Bio Ms Mary K Munyao
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