Jeanne Ndyetambura

Board Director

Jeanne is a retired civil servant. She worked with the Ministry of Health and Social welfare, within the Department of Social Welfare as the Assistant Commissioner for Social Welfare: Head of Family &Child Welfare/Protection and Early Childhood Development Section. In this capacity, she was responsible for initiating the development of policies, strategies, and guidelines for implementation and quality improvement of services related to family and child welfare/protection and early childhood development (ECD).

During the last 21 years of working in social welfare, Jeanne has been involved in improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups including vulnerable children; destitute families affected by HIV/AIDS and other social calamities; people with disabilities and the elderly.

Jeanne is a social worker by profession, with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from McGill University, School of Social Work in Montreal, Canada. She has worked extensively as a counsellor, family therapist, trainer, national level facilitator for psychosocial care and support, caretaking skills trainer, community-based identifier of most vulnerable children and child protection.

She has also been involved in national level processes including:

  1. Development of the National Strategy for Community-based Care, Support and Protection of Most Vulnerable Children (MVC)
  2. Development of the National Social Protection Framework by being a member of the National Social Protection Technical Working Group.
  3. Mainstreaming psychosocial care and support in support and other services to MVC
  4. Development of national guidelines for MVC psychosocial care and support
  5. Caretaking skills training for MVC caregivers in child or elderly headed households
  6. Development and strengthening the national child protection system in Tanzania

Among other responsibilities until retirement, she has coordinated the: 

Community-Based Care Support and protection of most vulnerable children programme which is a nationwide initiative to curb the plight of Most vulnerable children in Tanzania.

Currently Jeanne is a consultant in child/family welfare/protection related issues.

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