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Africa Psychosocial Support Institute (APSSI)

The Africa Psychosocial Support Institute (APSSI) was instituted in 2016 as a subsidiary of REPSSI. APSSI fosters professionalism and excellence in Mental Health and Psychosocial Care and Support (MHPSS) services by offering innovative, quality Afrocentric psychosocial support (PSS) education, research, programming resources and technical guidance. APSSI is part of a broader response to the need for standardised PSS definitions and terms, quality research and data on PSS, formalised PSS capacity development, excellent PSS resources and MHPSS thought leadership.


APSSI is the globally recognized hub for child and youth psychosocial and mental wellbeing in Africa.


APSSI exists to foster PROFESSIONALISM & EXCELLENCE in the provision of child & youth psychosocial support and mental health in Africa.

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