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We partner with other NGO’s, CBO’s, governments and regional and global institutions to create impact in the community.
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REPSSI strives to publish high quality, user-friendly, evidence-based manuals and guidelines, all characterised by a subject matter that address psychosocial wellbeing. Within the series, different publications are aimed at different levels of audience or user.

This audience includes:

a) Community workers.

b) A variety of social actors whose work is not explicitly psychosocial in nature, but in which it is felt to be crucial to raise awareness around psychosocial issues.

c) Caregivers, parents, youth and children.

d) Specialised psychosocial and mental health practitioners.

e)  Students can buy our materials for use in their post graduate studies research.

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Through our sister company Psychosocial Support Institute (APSSI), you can grow your career and expertise in Afrocentric wellness solutions.

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